Fantastic Four Reboot to Shoot in Louisiana

Fantastic Four 2015
Fantastic Four 2015

According to The Wrap, production on Josh Trank’s upcoming Fantastic Four reboot will roll cameras in Louisiana instead of the previously-rumored Vancouver. Production is slated to begin sometime this September.

This marks the first Marvel-based Fox film to shoot in Louisiana, after many of the studio’s superhero movies — such as “X-Men” and the upcoming “X-Men: Days of Future Past” — were shot in Canada.

For those unfamiliar with the characters, Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm were normal people traveling in space on a scientific mission when their ship was hit by cosmic rays. The event winds up giving each of them superpowers, with Reed turning into Mister Fantastic (a hero who can bend his body into any shape); Sue becoming Invisible Woman (who can become invisible and project force fields); Johnny Storm morphing into The Human Torch (who can generate flames and fly); and Ben becoming The Thing (who turns into a rock monster with incredible strength). Their greatest opponent is the evil Victor von Doom of Latveria, a.k.a. Dr. Doom, a supervillain with incredible intellect, strength, and power.

Casting has still yet to be announced for the film, but Chronicle star Michael B. Jordan has long been rumored to appear as Johnny Storm with another rumor citing “Girls” star Allison Williams as potentially Sue Storm.

Details are currently few on the project all around outside of Trank directing from script by Seth Grahame-Smith, Michael Green and Jeremy Slater, but Fox creative consultant Mark Millar says the film will contain “stuff you haven’t seen in a superhero movie before.”

As mentioned before Josh Trank (“Chronicle”) will direct the film, which is slated for release on March 6, 2015. Stay tuned to Comics Talk for the latest on the progress of the movie and the final casting choices.

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