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1. You can participate in the discussion simply posting a comment on any post just go to the post you want to comment on and give us your thoughts. Register your identity for smoother integration in the comments section of the website. If you would like to be a moderator or contributor in the future please email me at and share your desire with us. You can contact us also by using the form on our About Page.

2. Also we have the latest in comics for sale list at New Comics Lists, 20 to 50% on comics and back issues and other comic related items at I Like Comics Store

3. Finally we have a cover and art Gallery plus more information about comics past present and future in our Comic Grab Bag. Plus we provide an opportunity to read classic comics at Web Comics. Check us out, participate in the fun and join us here at

4. Avatars if you want your own avatars in your comments go to and register your email with them and create a gravatar that is a globally recognized avatar. Upload your avatar, then anywhere you make a comment at a website that uses the gravatar service it will insert your avatar in your comments. You can register as many emails and personal avatars as you want. Bingo it is that simple.

You can also use your own Profile Image for this site only if you want to upload under edit profile settings right-hand corner when logged in as a member-only.