Check Out the Fantastic 4 Teaser Trailer

Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four

I am having a hard time hating this movie, that being said the trailer reminds me of the storyline of the Ultimate Fantastic 4 storyline, which is a great story and a great retelling of the fantastic 4 origin.

I am huge Fantastic 4 and a Marvel studios fan since Iron Man, which I still believe is the perfect superhero movie and I am a consistent 20th Century Fox detractor.

Why a Fox detractor?

They, like Sony, do not get that film making is art and not cookie cutter crap and I could expound upon all my negativity on  all the ups and downs with Sci-Fi fantasy genre miscues they have done, but not right now.

I wanted to hate this movie and I wanted it to fail so the rights could go back to Marvel Studios/Disney, but from this teaser I might have to give it this movie a fighting chance.  I was pleasantly surprised with X-men Days of Future Past.  Although, as stated last week on the You Tubes Pop Corn Network Show “Meet the Movie Press” during the interview with Kristian Harloff, he mentioned the production has had rumored problems with the director Josh Trank not being on set and lots of pick ups after the initial shooting schedule.  I am hoping for something wonderful, but not expecting anything good.

Enjoy, Travis

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