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Game Of Thrones 2015
Game Of Thrones 2015

While HBO has yet to officially debut it online, the Game of Thrones Season 5 trailer, which debuted in IMAX on Thursday, has been making the rounds online in one form or another. As such, we’ve decided to take a look at it and examine what questions the trailer raises for the coming season.

Season 5 is based on A Dance of Dragons, so fans who are caught up with the book series will likely know the answer to some, if not all, of these questions. Be nice, and don’t spoil anything for those that haven’t read the books yet. Keep in mind that, as of next season, it may be the TV fans who know things before book readers do.

Here are five questions raised by the Game of Thrones Season 5 IMAX trailer.

Who are the men the metallic masks?

The trailer has multiple scenes that involve people in metallic mask running around, causing chaos during what looks like some kind of riot. There’s one scene that shows “kill the masters” written on a wall, over the shoulder of a dead or dying mask-wearer. That, along with desecration of the harpy statue atop the great pyramid, suggest this turmoil is occurring in Meereen. But are the masked ones supporting the master, or Dany?

What is Jorah doing in the arena?

Last we saw of Jorah Mormont, he had been banished from Daenerys’ side. So how did he end up fighting in what looks like an arena? Jorah is still exiled from Westeros, so he’s likely still somewhere in Slaver’s Bay, or elsewhere in Essos.

Who are the men in black?

Another mysterious new faction, there is a scene of men wearing plain black robes breaking open casks and pouring out the contents. It’s hard to say for sure, but it looks like it’s in King’s Landing. Is there a new faction vying for power now that Tywin Lannister isn’t around? And who might they serve?

Where do the black and white doors lead?

There is a scene of Arya Stark standing in front of double doors, one black and one white. These doors have already appeared multiple times in some of the Three-Eyed Crow viral teasers that HBO has released. Last we saw Arya, she was heading to Braavos, so that seems like the most likely location for the doors, but what could they lead to?

Where is Varys taking Tyrion?

Varys spirited Tyrion away by sea, after the “Imp” assassinated his father. But where are they headed? The trailer may finally give us definitive confirmation of Varys’ true allegiance, when he corrects Tyrion’s presumptuous use of a male pronoun. The only major female player for the throne is Dany…so could Varys be taking Tyrion to her? And would Tyrion ally himself with a Targaryen, even after falling out with his own house?

Game of Thrones returns for Season 5 on April 12 on HBO. By Jamie Lovett @

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