Secret Invasion #2

Secret Invasion #2
Secret Invasion #2

Secret Invasion #2 slows the story down a little to tell about a battle between an older (classic) version of Avengers or Heroes against the later Avengers of today in the Savage Land T-Rex and all. It leaves you wondering who is the Scrull and who is the real hero. Will the real Spider-Man please stand up.

Don’t know what marvel has in mind with this series is it just a good story or does Brian Bendis and Quesada have an agenda in mind. Lets see: Civil War to Kill Captain America and other heroes. World War Hulk to devastate New York and Humble the Illuminati minus Namor, and start a new title The Hulk and The Incredible Hercules. One More Day to shake up Peter Parkers life and end his love relationship with the RedHead.

Marvel does nothing in a small way any more. When the dust settles and the Marvel universe has stabilized maybe we will have just some good stories and art about our favorite heroes that is not involved with some catastrophic event like the end of things as we know it. Wow what a thought.  Stay tuned comic faithful for MORE, 🙂 Walt

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  1. Bruce

    This series is every bit as complicated as a story can be. You need to be an avid Marvel reader to follow what Brian Bendis is tring to accomplish here. He has shaken up the very fabric of the marvel universe every story line in marvel history for years has had imposters as superheros. The Marvel writers will take a long time sorting out the circumstances of the invasion. Talk about change it started at Marvel.

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