Smallville Michael Rosenbaum Wants to Be Lex Luthor Again

Lex Poster
Lex Poster
Bryant Cranston, Billy Zane and the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and even Mark Strong are being pushed around, but the veteran actor who played him for 10 years would like to be considered also. Michael Rosenbaum who played Lex in the Smallville popular show sent out the following tweet recently on Twitter, “Can the Superman fans out there spread the word that there’s really no other choice.Let Cranston stick to meth.Thanks“. This has energized the Smallville fans to once again see the Rosenbaum: Lex Luthor on the big screen. Is Zack Snyder listening? More to come on this as things develop because it is way to early to finalize any of this. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. Walt


One Thought to “Smallville Michael Rosenbaum Wants to Be Lex Luthor Again”

  1. Davey

    I don’t think Michael Rosenbaum con carry himself on the big screen well enough to be Lex Luthor in a big budget movie.

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