Another Man Of Steel Review

May I introduce Seth one of our young Comics Talk readers who has submitted his own Man Of Steel review. He is a superhero comic and movie fan and this is a 15 year old take on the Superman movie, Spoilers Ahead:

Man Of Steel
Man Of Steel

DC comics continues to blow my mind with their spectacularly action packed films. Like the dark knight trilogy, Man of Steel shows us more than just the hero. It shows is who they are as individuals. In this movie, which was like none of the other superman movies, it shows us that Kal El, Clark Kent or Superman (whichever you prefer) shall do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of the human race. But in this movie Superman has to go to extremes to perform that task.

For those of you who have not yet seen the movie I recommend you do not read this any longer because of the content that follows. People were flabbergasted when Superman broke Commander Zod’s neck. Some say that that’s not the superman they know and others say he would never do that even if he was forced to. But like I said earlier, in order to ensure the safety of the human race he had to sacrifice one man’s life. I in fact believe that we just saw a human side of Superman. Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer did a superb job on writing this film. He showed us more violent and action side of Superman while allowing us to connect with him on human level. Plus, we all have to admit that is a major step up from the other so called action superman movies. Thanks for reading. Seth

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