X-Men: Schism #5 Leads to Regenesis

X-Men Schism

The X-Men’s world changes forever! With mutant numbers at their lowest and trust dwindling, an international incident demands the Children of the Atom come together…but instead splits them apart! Writer Jason Aaron and an all-star team of artists present the next evolution of Marvel’s mutant heroes in X-Men: Schism!

This 5 part series has set the table for the separation of teams and leadership of the mutant kind in the Marvel universe. Jason Aaron writer for the series is usually a good story teller, but this one baffles me centered around the always violable relationship between Wolverine and Cyclops. The fight is to bring the younger members of the mutants into the fight as cyclops wants or ease them into more responsibility after they are trained and understand what they are doing this is Wolverines wishes for them. Wolverine is protecting them from the horrors of battle and possible death.

It came to a head with a giant Sentinel wading towards Utopia, and Cyclops wanting to fight with the young mutants from “Generation Hope” at his side while Wolverine wanted to evacuate Utopia.  The two eventually came to blows right in the middle of the Sentinel’s attack. The young mutants finally help the destruction of the Giant Sentinel and the dialog between Wolverine and Cyclops really does not justify the break up in teams there is no compelling argument for the split, but it does happen.

However you look at Schism there are going to be new direction titles and new leadership of mutant kind. Regenesis has begun with the titles Uncanny X-Force #19 in December, Wolverine and the X-Men in October, Uncanny Legacy #259 in November, X-factor #230 in January, Generation Hope #13 in November, X-Men #20 in November, and New Mutants #33 in November, and the first restart of  Uncanny X-Men with #1 in November. The banners are below to check out. More to come on this change in titles of X-Men and related books. Stay tuned comic faithful For more. 🙂 Walt

X-Men Regenesis Panel #1


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