Fear Itself: Who Are The Mighty?

Here is a twist in the Fear Itself story. Who are the Mighty? Soon to be introduced to fight the Serpent and his Worthy. We know who “The Worthy” are, but who will become “The Mighty”? If you’ve been following the Fear Itself story line then you already know that Odin’s arch nemesis and brother has teamed up with the Red Skulls daughter, Sin. Together, they have chosen and resurrected “The Worthy,” heroes and villains who have been altered to do The Serpent‘s bidding.

The Worthy

But how will the heroes fight these seemingly omnipotent beings that are under the complete control of The Serpent? They’ll need to become “The Mighty.” Marvel has released a preview image of “The Mighty,” but the question is, who are they and how did these characters become “The Mighty”? Based on the image it looks like some of your favorite Marvel heroes will be altered, so can you guess which ones will acquire magical powers? How do you think they will become The Mighty? Which one can you spot based on the image?

The Mighty

The Marvel Universe is in trouble but here comes the Mighty to help stop the onslaught of the Serpent and his minions. How does this play into the prophecy of the death of Thor and the Serpent? We shall see, Marvel at it’s best. Don’t miss this one. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

The Fear Itself Line Up Click Here

2 Thoughts to “Fear Itself: Who Are The Mighty?”

  1. Travis

    Hmmm? From left to right Ms Marvel, Powerfist, DR strange, Ironman, She-Hulk( probably betty Ross), Wolverine, Power Woman(Jessica Cage), Hawkeye, Spiderman. What do you think? Am I right?

  2. Wow maybe I should offer a prize to the first one that guesses right.

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