Superman and Wonder Woman Comic Book Coming

Justice League 12
Justice League 12

Since The Kiss in Justice League 12 DC fans have been wondering how long their relationship will continue that is between Superman and Wonder Woman, no disrespect to Lois Lane, Superman’s wife in another life. The New 52 is full of surprises but this is certainly not the first time Superman and Wonder Woman have kissed but it is the first time they have had a romantic longstanding relationship. DC has plans to investigate the romance between their most powerful couple in a series Superman/Wonder Woman written by Charles Soule (SWAMP THING) with art by Tony Daniel (ACTION COMICS, DETECTIVE COMICS). It begins sometime in October.

“I think in the entire DCU, maybe you’ve got a hundred people who actually can fly, and Superman and Wonder Woman happen to be two of them,” Soule told Newsarama. “So there are things that only the two of them can talk about. So it’s great to be able to write those conversations and have them do the things that only the two of them can do, while also learning all the things that are different about each other.”

Soule is quick to add that Superman/Wonder Woman won’t skip over day-to-day superheroics in the name of romance. “No, it’s not the next Before Midnight movie. The book is, at its heart, a huge, epic, action-filled story,” Soule confirms. “The stories will be written on a scale that befits these characters.”

I think that Superman/Wonder Woman has a good chance to be a surprise hit if done right it is the world we live in to day. Also it has always been in the back of everyones mind who follows the characters that the most powerful superheros in DC should be together it was done well in the series Kingdom Come series, written by Alex Ross and Mark Waid and painted in gouache by Ross. Catch it in trade paperback great story.  And has anyone asked if a Kryptonian and a half god Amazon could have children and what would come of that union. Looks like the Superman and Wonder Woman relationship is here to stay for now, what the future holds only DC Comics knows. As we go along for the ride Comics Talk will be there for you. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt


Super Kiss
Super Kiss

2 Thoughts to “Superman and Wonder Woman Comic Book Coming”

  1. Mr Clean

    Sups and Wonder Woman they could be king and queen of the earth if they wanted. What did Buster Gold say?

  2. Markus

    Wonder Woman and Superman what kind of off spring would they have half Amazon/God and half Kryptonian?

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