“Suicide Squad’s” Mid-Credits Scene

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers for “Suicide Squad,” which is in theaters now.

Though “Suicide Squad” features a cast of mostly unknown characters and takes place in a city that’s not Metropolis or Gotham, the film does have surprising ties to the larger DC movie-verse mythos — and it has a mid-credits scene that could play a major role in the larger franchise moving forward.

“Suicide Squad” features a number of shout outs to the larger DC continuity. Superman’s rise and fall in “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman” justifies Amanda Waller’s dangerous Task Force X program. We see Batman fight Deadshot as well as the Joker and Harley Quinn. Ezra Miller’s Flash apprehends Captain Boomerang in a flashback scene. But the big connective moment comes during the film’s mid-credits scene.

Amanda Waller
Amanda Waller

When the movie picks up again after the initial credits sequence rolls, we zoom in on Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) having a tense meeting with Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) in an empty restaurant. We learn that they’re there to trade favors — although these two are not allies, as the scene is packed with tension. Waller gets what she wants from Wayne: protection from those that will come searching for the truth behind the disaster in Midway City — a disaster she brought about by attempting to maintain control over the dangerous Enchantress.

Waller then gave Wayne what he asked for, sliding him a folder of documents containing files on metahumans. Wayne flips through the files quickly, revealing that he now has intel on Enchantress, Flash and Aquaman. When Waller asks why he wants that information, Wayne says that he likes to make friends.


The tension escalates as Wayne gets up to leave the empty restaurant; Waller says that the billionaire looks tired and, perhaps, he should “stop working nights.” Bruce turns and growls a response to Waller, telling her to shut Task Force X down or he and his friends will shut it down for her.

This mid-credits scene contains a few potential big deals for the DC extended universe. First, we now know how Bruce Wayne tracks down the Flash and Aquaman. The sizzle reel for next year’s “Justice League” movie showed Wayne’s encounters with both of the would-be Leaguers, and now we know that he tracks them down possibly thanks to Waller’s intel.

Second, Amanda Waller’s comment implies that she knows Batman’s secret identity. And third, Bruce Wayne’s retort flat-out states that he knows about the secret Task Force X and he threatens a possible showdown with the not-yet-formed Justice League. “Suicide Squad” doesn’t have a sequel on the schedule yet, but if it gets one, it’s easy to read into this tense exchange and start picturing a “Suicide Squad” follow-up that pits the villain team against the Justice League — just as Batman promises.

Directed by David Ayer and starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Jared Leto and more, “Suicide Squad” is in theaters now.

By Brett White, CBR Assistant Editor

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  1. BertoFlyingFox

    ….I’m failing to see how that’s a useful mid-credit scene when the Justice League trailer from SDCC already blows it out of the water. And that one we got for free.

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