Hellboy II Preview

Hellboy II

Hellboy II The Golden Army
Hellboy II The Golden Army

This movie looks great and it’s unfortunate that it won’t get as much publicity as the new Batman flick. The creatures look incredible and if any of you haven’t seen Pan’s Labyrinth then you’re missing out! Yes, it’s in subtitles for those of you who don’t speak Espanol, but it’s an incredible movie. The creatures in it are certainly reflected here in the new Hellboy film.

I’m actually looking forward to seeing this one more than the new Batman movie. Ok, so I’m looking forward to both.

Here is the official site Hellboy

2 Thoughts to “Hellboy II Preview”

  1. Walt

    This one is worth the wait it is weirdness at it’s best. Monsters and creatures galore. Same cast of regulars looks like good story also I will be commenting on this later. Stay tuned comic faithful for MORE, Walt

  2. Walt

    Well I have had some time to digest the movies this year and I feel the Hellboy II was well done. Sure it was not the best of the Superhero movies this year it did entertain and left the door open for more Hellboy movies. Mike Mignola has a winner here and was was heavily involved in both movies with creative input. Look forward to more from this creative team because it is done in a very distinctive, different style than any other superhero movie. Stay tuned comic faithful for MORE, Walt

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