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Almost every person who reads a comic has been ridiculed by insensitive people saying that you should have something better to do with the time than to read a ” funny book “. As a young person I saw nothing funny about the super hero comics I was reading. They made my imagination soar, for a few moments I could imagine what it was like to be Superman with the ability to fly and move faster than a speeding bullet. I could have power to change things in society and do good.

Stan Lee wrote in his comic Amazing Spiderman, ” with great power comes great responsibility “. Morals in comics? Yes it helped me form ideas about good and evil in society. Many comic book readers have gone on to become very responsible people and use their abilities to change the world today. It is true the pin is mightier than the sword. Many writers in comics can take pride their stories. The art work also is important it can make a story pleasurable to read and help with the dynamics of the story. With just a few panels in a comic you can say a lot. A picture is worth a thousand words. The art work in comics is just as meaningful as the story.

The comic industry came together after 9-11-01 to show some of the grief and heart ache the country was feeling because of the terrible loss of life in the terrorist attack. Each company used their best artists in special comic releases to show a grief stricken comic Hero world. This mirrored the feelings in the free world over the atrocity in New York and Washington D.C. Although they are fictitious characters they gave a point of relief the world needed. The anguish was very real and felt by many all over the world. Comics have been around for many years and will always exist in some form or another. It is the expression of a generation through story and art and is ever changing. You can observe that change and be part of it if you want. As a reader or artist or story teller feel free to express yourself in this media.  Stay tuned comic faithful for MORE, 🙂 Walt

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