I’m really excited over “Justice League: The New Frontier,” the original animated movie from Warner Bros. Animation based on the graphic novel (and if you haven’t read this awesome DC Comics graphic novel, please do so ASAP.

It won’t hit the big screen, but was available on DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray and on demand on Feb. 26.

Here’s the official trailer to wet your appetite.

3 Thoughts to “JUSTICE LEAGUE: The New Frontier DVD”

  1. Bruce

    It is an accomplished, serious and adult adaptation that keeps every ounce of the original story’s brilliance. What we have here is a serious adult superhero story straight out of the Silver Age, but with the weight of the best of modern age storytelling.

    The actual animation is nothing short of breathtaking. Everything is magnificently detailed and drawn. The character designs are stunning – SUPERMAN hasn’t looked this good since the days of the Fleischers. And dude… fxxking Hal Jordan… I can’t believe it. To see Hal get the ring, When you see how he finally transforms into Green Lantern… you’re gonna squeal.

  2. Jet

    I got this movie this weekend. While I understand why they drew the characters the way they did the artwork didn’t appeal to me that much, it does stay in line with the overall feel of the comic series so I just accepted it.
    I was suprised at some of the violence that was in the movie. I never expected to see Hal do what he did before he got the ring.
    I really enjoyed the features on the 2 disk set. I’m not sure if all the content was on the regular DVD. While sometimes I got a little bored with it, overall I thought they did a good job with explaining the JLA and villians as to how they got started and evolved to where they are now.
    I also thought this was leaps better then Doomsday movie. I fell asleep during that one.

  3. Walt

    I really injoyed it also more because I was around as a child in the early fifties

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