New Captain America

Captain America #34
Captain America #34

Ed Brubaker’s run on Captain America is nothing less than monumental as much as much as the character Steve Rogers was outstanding as Cap his death and the transformation of the Winter Soldier (Bucky) as Captain America is a landmark issue and sure to be a classic. (Captain America #34) I have mixed feelings about the change for my loss of Steve and the the transition to Bucky. It looks like that was Brubaker’s intention to go in a total new direction and boy he did. My only hope is that Cap does not turn into a mercenary type making law and justice himself we already have the Punisher for that.

The costume is too flashy not very modest for Captain America but that is a minor problem sneeking up on your foe. Captain America is Comic Icon that deserves respect and I hope that Bucky has the right stuff. His run as Winter Soldier was great but that was Bucky not Steve and they are different people the mantle of Captain Amerca was Steve Rogers and possibly it should die with him. Be that as it may I would like to see the title do well and the spirit of Cap be resurrected in the New Captain America. Stay tuned comic faithful for MORE. 🙂 Walt

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