Who Is Dan Slott?

Dan Slott
Dan Slott

Who is Dan Slott? He was the bi-monthly writer of Superior Spider-Man the one who devastated Peter Parker’s life in Amazing Spider-Man 700 by putting his mind in the dying body of Doctor Octopus then killing the person of Peter Parker off and giving his body and identity to Doctor Octopus, Otto Octavius, the notorious villain and arch foe of Spider-Man. He is by far the most controversial writer Marvel employs. His storyline has caused millions to get very emotional about the Spider-Man character and Peter Parker. Death threats have been sent to Dan and angry letters to Marvel to object to the missing Peter Parker and theft of the Spider-Man identity by Doctor Octopus. For months Slott still showed no sign of the return of the real Peter Parker and he hid his future plans for Parker’s return.

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