Justice League #1 The New DC Universe

Justice League #1
GL and Batman

Well Flashpoint is over it ends with a new DC Universe with the Flash and Batman the only ones that have knowledge that things have changed. Justice League #1 introduces Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman as the early stories of how the Justice League came together. The next Justice League #2 is named Batman vs Superman and will show how the characters evolved in the new universe as a group of heroes, if they survive the the first meeting. Well the art work is great Jim Lee and Scott Williams really know how these characters should look. Geoff Johns story is short and to the point leaving more questions than answers, perhaps the next issues will reveal more of the history of the early Justice League, and possibly the appearance of Wonder Woman one of the big three of the DCU.

I can see they are attempting to tell the story of the DCU in a fresh new way while trying to be true to the heroes character without changing the heart of these wonderful comic icons. While they try to bring the Justice League in to the 21st century we miss the heroes we thought we knew so well and hope they create something we want to read. As the weeks go by I will share my opinion and would love to hear from you on the progress of the reshaping of comic history. I do believe it is risky but necessary for the DCU to grow into something better, if that be possible, we will see. Let me know what you think post your comments below. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

2 Thoughts to “Justice League #1 The New DC Universe”

  1. William

    Old universe new universe it is all the same to me. I just want a good read and art

  2. Travis

    I dunno, why do such a short issue one. I feel my 3 bucks could have been spent better elsewhere. Honestly if the next issue does not have a compelling story I am dropping the title.

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