The Storms of Crait review

Tell me if you have heard this one before… Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo and Chewy walk onto a planet… some conflict happens, Luke has a discovery, Han and Chewie are Han and Chewie, and Princess Leia saves the day.

“Star Wars – The Storms of Crait” follows the Star Wars fantasy drama that we are accustomed to in from the movies. In fact, it has quite the same feel as the Brian Woods Star Wars series he wrote for Dark Horse comics as Disney and Lucas penned their cannon smashing deal. All that to say, like Woods’ series Storms of Crait is simply awesome. The story captures all the aspects of a good fun fantasy tale. The players are engaging and intelligently used to add depth to the characters we love. The writers Ben Acker and Ben Blacker show us how multi-faceted the heroes of the rebellion are. Giving us insight into sides of Luke Skywalker uniquely portraying his non-Jedi abilities and then find a way to give us a lightsaber battle. Allowing us to delve into Leia’s tactical prowess and her strong diplomatic side. Finally really letting Han Solo and Chewbacca be who they are capturing Han’s udder disdain for not being privy to Leia’s plan, but executing it flawlessly because of his desire for her.

Their stunning storytelling here is a tribute to these great characters, but what is even more remarkable is how the artist, Mike Mayhew (credit The Star Wars, Dark Horse), captures the very expressions of Actors who played Luke, Leia, and Han. His art is both uncanny and sublime like I was watching those actors as there younger selves playing another episode of Star Wars. It so made me want an episode television series that takes place between Star Wars and Empire.

Even if you are not reading the regular ongoing Star Wars comic series, if you are Star Wars Fan you should be, it is that good, this book is a great Story you should pick up and read it.

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