The Heroic Age of Marvel

“The Heroic Age” is a 2010 comic book storyline that runs through a number of books published by Marvel Comics. It began in May 2010, marking a major change in the status quo of the Marvel Universe after the events of the “Siege” crossover event, much as “The Initiative” and “Dark Reign” dealt with the aftermath of “Civil War” and “Secret Invasion“, respectively.

The Heroic Age Marvel Comics

According to Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada, “Heroes will be heroes again… They’ve gone through hell and they’re back to being good guys — a throwback to the early days of the Marvel Universe, with more of a swashbuckling feel”. Marvel beginning with the story lines from the House of  M began to confuse the reader, the things of the past and the realities of the Marvel Universe became vague at best.

The number of mutants in the world had dropped from millions to a few hundred. The Avengers was disbanded. Those super heroes that were around had no direction because they confused of the true nature of reality. All things changed and became chaotic and sometimes did not have a clear direction. Finally things began to stabilize and the New Avengers was formed by Captain America. The X-Men and remaining mutants began to pick up the pieces of their lives for the salvation of  mutant-kind.

Readers were ready for the remake of the Marvel Universe, New Avengers became one of Marvel’s best sellers. Then things changed again with Civil War and the Superhuman Registration Act in the United States. This turned Hero against Hero and friend against friend. Then came Secret Invasion which began to question the identity of heroes that were really the alien Skrulls. Then the Dark Reign dealt with the aftermath of Civil War and Secret Invasion. It turned very dark at this point with Norman Osborn in charge of the Dark Avengers and the turning of the Sentry (God Like Power) to the Void (Power Evil).

If you are confused at this time it gets worse. Then we have the the “Siege” crossover event. Destroying the new Asgard and killing many and setting the table for “The Heroic Age”. Now you know how we got there. Marvel is trying to go forward with a family friendly less dark version of Marvel. This is a great jumping on point if you have not read Marvel in a few years. (Where have you been?) It is all back to the basics, valor, honor, heroes, and bad guys. That’s what made Marvel number one all these years. The stories are interesting and bringing the Marvel Universe in sync again.

Time to make mine Marvel again and see you at the comic shop. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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