Media Release — REVENGE OF THE SPIDER-VERSE! Featuring new villains and old villains, shocking deaths and shocking returns, and all the Spider characters you can fit into one larger-than-life tale, this is a Marvel Spider-Event not to be missed!

First seen at New York Comic Con’s Spider-Man panel, Marvel is proud to present this launch trailer for SPIDER-GEDDON #1, featuring Slott, Executive Editor Nick Lowe, and Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski!

“Earth is the battleground,” says Cebulski. “Marvel is the world outside your window, and every Spider-Man character and Spider-Man villain has come to play.”

“Pretty much anyone you saw in Spider-Verse who survived will probably be back…and there’s one in particular who I didn’t get to write last time around who I’m very excited to this time,” adds Gage. Don’t miss SPIDER-GEDDON #1, on sale NOW in comic shops, on the Marvel Comics App, and on Marvel.com!

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