Marvel’s Phoenix Resurrection Trailer

Marvel is returning to older stories that were wildly popular years ago. Pacing the story of the first appearance of the Phoenix in X-Men #101 and the scare of her turning into the Dark Phoenix as in X-Man #133 it energizes the narrative and potential for a great story arc. Jean Grey is returning and with it, Marvel hopes the readership of their comic books will increase from the lag they have been experiencing for recent history.

Below is the new trailer for the series which teases things which will change the X-Men forever.

Strange things have been happening, things that can only be explained by the presence of… JEAN GREY! What other surprises await? In December, adult Jean Grey will live again, in a return fans have been demanding for years. Check out a closer look into the world of Jean’s return with a special teaser video for the upcoming five-series epic PHOENIX RESURRECTION.

Phoenix Resurrection hits comic shops this December!

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