After Flashpoint: DC Comics New 52 shows up Marvel

The New DC Universe

Well we have a pretty good idea what DC is trying to do with the new titles and re-numbering. They are trying to attract new readers and they are betting on the new digital market to be a gold mine. Just maybe they will do a great job with the Re-Launch the talent is there, but what was so bad about the old universe? The answer is nothing except the fact Marvel has beat you for the last 40 years in every way possible. So it is time to shake things up and take that chance of loosing old readers. The concept has been tried in the past but left bits of continuity with each change (Crisis this and Crisis that). This is a total re-boot of DC Comics and Flashpoint the series has opened the door. The universe and characters are young and brought into the 21st century. Many people have said Marvel has great heroes and villains, but DC has iconic heroes and villains. The likes of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman has been around about 75 years they had a 24 year jump on Marvel which began in the early 60’s. Within 20 years Marvel took over the number one spot from DC in publishing comics, because they were new and different and offered a new perspective about superheroes. And they had a ton of surprises and put their characters in the hands of great writers and artist and did not stifle their creativity but encouraged it. DC seemed to edit and control the talent they had in the direction the editors wanted.

Well that is changed it is all new some origins are almost the same but some have changed. The creative side of DC has won out and are allowed to do things they could not under the old continuity structure. While their are some that want Justice Society stories with senior heroes and and the old universe there is a new beginning and many of those old readers will have to get the old stories in comic shops or conventions or the trade book comic reprint. I will give this new generation of comics a chance and see how great DC Comics can become. I have read some of the major blogs and many old readers are not happy with this new direction, but I bet they check out their favorite hero in the new universe. I guess we will see how this great experiment in DC Comic hero Re-Launch works out. The digital releases are going to make DC money. The web-based distribution of comic cost much less than the paper version to produce and profits will be higher. And now we have a new category of sales to follow “digital sales”. That is definitely a modern concept. I really don’t care the money they make only the quality of the product. Look out Marvel here comes the New DC Universe. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt


The Comics Websites have exploded with this video from DC Comics featuring Dan DiDio, Jim Lee, and more talking up the new 52 comics set to arrive in September.


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  1. This isn’t the first reboot and its not like everything is changing. Many things are staying the same, some are getting tweaked and some are complete reboots. This isn’t the first time and it sure won’t be the last.
    I’ve heard it mentioned several times that none of the characters we all know and love are “gone”. They may not be the same, but they are still around or will be re-introduced into the new continuity.
    I’ve seen Didio quoted as saying Karen Starr(aka Powergirl one of my favorites) will be a part of the DCnU and I think even in the JLA issue #1. Maybe her appearance and back-story has been tweaked(again) and she’s the mystery member everyone has been speculating about.
    I’m not saying that all of the changes will be great or even good. There are some I’m downright sure will be horrible and fail, but even if only half succeed and lead to some good stories then I’m happy.
    We tend to forget that almost none of these characters are exactly the same as they were when they were first introduced or even exactly the same as they were 10 years ago. They’ve been altered, reinvented, rebooted, tweaked and re-imagined so many times over their careers that only the core concept of the character remains. That’s the important part of the characters. Not their costumes or their hairstyle. The core of who they are is what matters and I don’t think DC will change that. Superman will always be for Truth and Justice even if they remove Krypton, Smallville and Lois Lane from the mythos. Batman will always be The Dark Knight of Gotham City and the Flash will always be the Fastest Man Alive, no matter if it is Barry Allen, Wally West or Harold Mcgillicutty.

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