MARVEL see the new Spider-Man and Fantastic Four costumes.

Amazing Spider-Man #659 Stefano Caselli

In the aftermath of the death of the Human Torch Johnny Storm, finally unveils the new duds of the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man as the newest member of the team. Talk about something controversial the death of Johnny Storm now his replacement is Spider-Man. So somebody tell me if you like the new suits. And what is starting in Amazing Spider-Man #659, so Peter is part of the New Avengers and has his own life with villains to match in Amazing Spider-Man and now is part of the FF the new name of the Fantastic Four. How does he fit all this in plus a love life also. Maybe we should bring back the Spider-Man clone, I sorry that has already been done.

Amazing Spider-Man #658 Marko Djurdjevic

Well Peter Parker really has a very complicated life. Only in the comics can someone put 36 hours in a day. The twist is that the Fantastic Four are getting a new name — the Future Foundation, now that’s a name that will take a long time to catch on. Because everyone knows them as the Fantastic Four. Talk about change, might as well be an alternate universe. Hope the comic fans are in the mood for change. I think the writers want to have them evolve into an organization that has many super powered being as members. Like one big happy family, “G” rated of course. Well I will check it out just like you. Make mine the Future Foundation. Please stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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