Reign of Doomsday: He is Back

We know more now about the order of Doomsday appearances in DCU here is the check list for those who are interested in following his travels in the comic world.

Part 1: STEEL #1
Part 2: OUTSIDERS #37
Part 5: SUPERBOY #6
Part 6: ACTION COMICS #900

Superman #75

His picture is also on the previews of Action Comics #901 which adds to the intrigue of the reason he is back. We now have the list of main characters. All from the death of Superman saga from the 90’s, the first of course is Steel who was defeated by Doomsday on the now in second print Steel #1 one shot. He was one of the protectors that arose after the apparent death of Superman in the Superman #75. Reign of the Supermen was a huge story, this story began with four four-page previews in Adventures of Superman #500 that gave us our first glimpses of the four replacement Supermen.

Reign Of Superman

The Conner Kent Superboy from the storyline in the original series will have his chance at Doomsday, The Metropolis Kid, who hated being called Superboy, is a reckless teenage clone of Superman. This Superman appeared in the Adventures of Superman, starting with #501. He is the result of the brief time Cadmus attempted to clone Superman. He later had a career as Superboy.

Superboy vs Doomsday

The Man of Tomorrow, also called the Cyborg Superman, arrived with augmented Kryptonian technology. He was scientifically proven to be Superman, but claims amnesia in explanation to his part-mechanical nature. The Cyborg Superman appeared in Superman (vol. 2), starting with #78. After he was eventually revealed as former NASA astronaut Hank Henshaw, he later became a major supervillain. The Man of Steel: John Henry Irons was an ironworker and an ex-weapons designer for the military who wears a suit of armor and wields a hammer. He did not claim to actually be Superman, but rather that he represented the spirit of Superman and continued his legacy. Steel appeared in Superman: The Man of Steel, starting with #22. He later changed his name to just “Steel”. And finally The Last Son of Krypton was a visored, energy-powered alien who dealt with criminals lethally. The Last Son of Krypton appeared in Action Comics, starting with #687. He claims to have the memories of the original Superman, but his emotional distance makes Lois uncertain. He later was discovered to be the Eradicator, a reformed Superman enemy.

Reign of Doomsday Smackdown

Other characters are the members of the Justice league, the Outsiders, and

Batman. On the villain side we have Lex Luther and it has been implied Brainiac. You can be sure that the story line is closely guarded by DC Comics but we can speculate that Lex and Brainiac both have more than a minor interest in the Reign Doomsday. It will be Destruction and mayhem when Doomsday is involved you can be sure. Who will be left standing in his wake. We will see. Check it out with me. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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