World War Hulks

World War Hulks #1

The series starts with a one shot called World War Hulks, and runs through Hulk and Incredible Hulk, and includes some “Fall of the Hulks” titles, two issues of Hulked Out Heroes and two special World War Hulks two parters in July, Wolverine vs Captain America and Spider-Man vs Thor. Also, Hulked Out Heroes revealed the names of the Hulkified versions of those that were turned into Hulks.

The series reveals the identities of both Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk and how they came to be that way. Additionally the series brings back Bruce Banner as the Hulk and sets up the long waited for fight with his father that Skaar has been longing for.

World War Hulks” is the continuation of an arc that began with the Planet Hulk storyline in 2006-07, that continued into World War Hulk (the Marvel event of 2007), through the short lived Skaar Son of Hulk and into the last two years of both Hulk titles, which have largely focused on the identity of Red Hulk the depowering of Bruce Banner and the arrival of Skaar on Earth. The newly announced “Incredible Hulks: Dark Son” which brings Skaar’s brother Hiro-Kala to Earth is the end of the arc.

Greg Pak, and Jeph Loeb write this conclusion of the story that Greg Pak started in the outstanding series in Incredible Hulk, Planet Hulk. The team work is masterful in the way it makes all the Hulk stories harmonious and work together to tell a great story of love and betrayal, loyalty and justice, family and reconciliation. It is all here everything question is answered and they set the table for more interesting stories.

The silly Hulked Out Heroes is the one exception to the greatness of this story it was very wacky and not important to the main story. It was great to see an intelligent Hulk again like in Planet Hulk and World war Hulk. I always thought the Hulk was more than Hulk Smash and mindless rage. I also thought the way Hulk/Banner and Skaar/Son relationship developed was thoughtful and very interesting. And these stories set the table for more of the best of Marvel stories from these writers.

Ed Mc Guinness was born to draw the Hulk and Paul Pelletier art in Incredible is more than enough to tell the story in panels. Altogether I highly recommend the series World war Hulks. Tell me what you think your thoughts are always welcomed. See you at the comic shop. Stay tuned comic faithful for more.  🙂 Walt

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