Amazing Spider-Man: One Moment in Time

I just read Amazing Spider-Man #641 the conclusion of the “One Moment in Time” storyline which was a review and update of the “One More Day” story written by J. Michael Straczynski and Joe Quesada in 2007. You may remember the decision to abruptly end Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s marriage and the events of “One More Day” were heavily criticized upon the series’ conclusion. “One Moment in Time” is supposed to have answers Marvel previewed it with: The questions have been haunting readers throughout Spider-Man’s Brand New Day and now the answers are here in four double-sized issues! What really happened at the wedding of Spider-Man and Mary Jane? What does Mary Jane know about Spider-Man today? How did ONE MORE DAY affect the Marvel Universe? Joe Quesada and Paolo Rivera are here to pull back the curtain and fill in every blank…but the answers may come at a cost to all that Peter Parker loves.

One Moment in Time

This story arc does answer many questions about what happened in Peter and Many Jane’s past married life. One thing I am convinced of is as long as Joe Quesada is editor at Marvel he will be against their marriage under the circumstances that make Spider-Man who he is today. According to the dialog between Peter and Mary Jane I believe the writers pointed to the fact that Mary Jane would not marry as long as Peter is Spider-Man and has serious regret that she knows of his identity. With that in mind they still have strong feelings for each other but MJ would sacrifice their relationship for the greater good. If nothing else it is a great love story just as touching as the original sacrifice in “One More Day” in 2007. The writers at Marvel do not want a marriage of Spider and Redhead at this time. I think I would have gone in a different direction one that favored their possible marriage. But as much as their decision is a vote against marriage, it is what it is, and if you are Spider-Man fan I am sure you will take it in stride.

Mephisto is not to be found in the conversation between Peter and Mary Jane the deal with the Devil is not there. Looks like they wanted to make it happen in the memory of Peter and Mary Jane with out his supernatural help. But the result is the same the the words of Mephesto still come to fruition, “I want your love…I want your marriage”. No strings and no marriage but the love is still there I sense they will still be greatly involved in each others lives. So now Marvel can still have Spider-Man swing through the Marvel Universe as the most popular Marvel Hero of all time who seems to have no respect and who’s life is perpetually screwed up. Like Stan Lee wrote many years ago he wanted to create a super-hero that has many of the problems that we all have in life. A hero you could relate to that somehow rises above it all to save the day and try to do the right thing. “With great power comes great responsibilities.” Stan Lee.

The art work is wonderful Paulo Rivera and Joe Quesada with Marcos Martin work together to draw covers and panels that are very easy to follow. If you are a Spider-Man or Mary Jane fan I recommend this series. Marvel is great at telling stories about the super-heroes we have all grow up with I hope they treat them with the excellence they deserve. Tell me what you think your thoughts are always welcomed. See you at the comic shop. Stay tuned comic faithful for more.  🙂 Walt

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