Trinity War Coming To DC Comics

Trinity of Sin: Pandora 1
Trinity of Sin: Pandora 1

This week Pandora is featured in her own series as a tie-in to the main series Trinity War. Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1: The mysterious woman connected to the creation of the New 52 Pandora is on an action-packed, blood-soaked mission to hunt down the horrors she inadvertently unleashed upon the world. Can she save the DCU—and redeem herself in the process? A prequel to the upcoming “Trinity War”! Written by: Ray Fawkes, Art by: Daniel Sampere and Vicente Cifuentes, Cover by: Ryan Sook. She is a key figure in the Trinity War but also is the Question and the Stranger as we shall see. The Phantom Stranger and The Question are dubbed the Trinity of Sin.

In regards to the name, Geoff Johns stated: “I think what trinity it’s referring to is a bit of a mystery tied to the whole thing, and it’ll definitely be explored within the book. Is it about the Trinity of Sin? The trinity of Leagues? Is it about Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman? What does “trinity” mean? What is it all about? That’s something that the story explores. The cover is beautiful and really sells the action of the story, but at its heart it’s a mystery. It’s a mystery that’s very character-driven. And that Trinity War and what that is is at the heart of the story.

In the prelude, in the year 8000 BCE, Pandora finds a box which unleashes the Seven Sins on the world. Because of this, Pandora gets punished (as seen in the 2012 FCBD special) to walk the world of sin, eternally undead and to witness the ruin she had brought forth. Pandora begins to travel and has multiple encounters with the Sins, of which she attempts to stop their destruction on the world. By 44 CE, Pandora begins to receive training in her quest to fight the Seven Sins where she learns different skills. The story then picks up with Pandora’s encounter with the wizard, as seen in Justice League #0. Knowing she must find the strongest or darkest of heart, Pandora takes it to mean Superman, and sets out to find him so he can help her.

Trinity War
Trinity War


  • Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1

Main Event

  • Part 1: Justice League #22
  • Part 2: Justice League of America #6
  • Part 3: Justice League Dark #22
  • Part 4: Justice League of America #7
  • Part 5: Justice League Dark #23
  • Part 6: Justice League #23


  • Constantine #5
  • Trinity of Sin: Pandora #2
  • Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #11
  • Trinity of Sin: Pandora #3

This is the first major crossover event since Flashpoint which changed every thing if you follow DC then this series is a must to read. We will be there for you friends of Comics Talk as the New 52 takes shape in the 21st century. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt



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