Fear Itself #4 Marvel Comics

Fear Itself #4

Media Release — Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Fear Itself #4 (of 7) from the chart-topping team of Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen! The unthinkable has happened—Sin has dealt a crushing blow to Bucky Barnes, aka Captain America, unleashing her full fury on the Marvel Universe! With his country in flames, Steve Rogers enters the trenches, forcing the biggest decision of his entire life. And as the Marvel Universe hangs in the balance, Thor must finally confront the Serpent himself. Can the God of Thunder overcome the God of Fear, or will the Serpent prove that he is the one, true All-Father? The stakes have never been higher as the comic blockbuster event of the summer continues this July, only in Fear Itself #4 (of 7)!

The Preview is interesting you have Thor being cast to earth and addressing the fear between people. Then Odin looking at what is happening on the earth and reflecting on what to do. And finally Steve Rogers lamenting Bucky’s death wearing the Captain America costume again with the shield. It looks like things are really heating up and the questions we all have will be answered soon about the Serpent and the Worthy and what happens when Thor meets the Serpent face to face. And will Odin and the Asgardians survive with the Earth in flames. What is the plan of Odin and the Serpent and how do they know each other in the past. This is Marvel at it’s best be there in July to see the next chapter in Fear Itself. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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