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I recently was told by Cosmic Book News what the title for Avengers 4 is and I was very skeptical till I saw the movie and I am convinced that there is a good chance the informer with Cosmic Book News was right. I will release my spoiler review soon but I wanted to address that possible title of the next Avenger movie.

If you have not seen Avengers: Infinity War yet, do not read below these paragraphs. Major spoilers for the film lie below!

In the movie Doctor Strange said he would not hesitate to protect the Time Stone in lieu of either hero should Thanos make him choose. However, the man went against that promise in the end. On Titan when Thanos was about to kill Tony, Doctor Strange said he would trade the Mad Titan his Time Stone for Iron Man’s life and he did just that much to Tony’s objection. Then Thanos rushed off to get the Mind Stone from Earth, and his full collection made it possible for Thanos to snap half of the universe from existence.

Why in the world would Strange change his conviction to protect the Time Stone at any cost and let Thanos have it. Well, you remember the time before the conflict with Thanos on Titan when Doctor Strange went through over four million future possibilities in the war with Thanos he saw only one way to beat him. That slim chance for success meant he would have to give Thanos the Time Stone. Strange was convinced it was their only chance for ultimate victory and to restore things back in the universe before the snap of Thanos’.

The resolution is involved in the untold title of the Avengers movie seen next year in May. The title will be Avengers Endgame. I am encouraged that this makes sense because before Doctor Strange was snuffed out of existence he responded to Tony’s questions about what he did as our “Endgame”. This added credence to the theory about the title. The Sorcerer Supreme has set something in motion called the endgame. Tony must get off Titan and share this with the others and come up with a plan.

With an introduction of the Captain Marvel star emblem in the after credit scene, I am sure she is involved somehow in the restoration of the universe. Not sure if all the dead of Infinity War will be restored but you can be certain that Spider-Man and Black Panther come back before their second movie.

Please come back for my full review of Avengers: Infinity War coming soon. And stay right here for more great news and comic related stuff right here on Comics Talk. 🙂 Walt

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  1. Bruce

    What a brilliant move to let Thanos snap half of living from existence now it truely is an Endgame if the Avengers have any chance of restoring the universe that has to involve the Infinity Stones again or an elder of the universe for help.

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