Peter Parker the True Spider-Man

This is a review of Superior Spider-Man 30 so if you have not read it yet (So where have you been) I suggest you don’t read this post right now but after you read #30. SPOILER ALERT.

Superior Spider-Man 30 is one of the most satisfying stories that I have ever read. It has the climax and emotional twist that make a story interesting but mostly it finalizes what we all knew, that from Amazing Spider-Man 700 to Superior Spider-Man #30 Peter Parker is and should be the true hero Spider-Man. It is summed up in the last panel after Peter takes full control over his body not by Peter saying “I’m back” but after seeing the mess that Otto has made of his life and New York and the challenges ahead he says “My turn”.

Well you just know that Peter will make the hard decisions that need to be made to end the desperate situation that New York is in or die trying. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, uncle Ben’s words to Peter before he died to drive Peter in a special way. They define him as a hero. This moment of realization in his life made Peter who he is today. His love and compassion for that man and others in his life drive him and make him embrace it as a way of life.

Otto Octavius never truly understood that till he was loved unconditionally by another Anna Maria and then was able to return that love by giving Peter back his life and erasing himself from the picture so that the true Spider-Man could do what he does save people. His act was an admission by Otto that he had failed and in his arrogance made things much worse for the people in Spider-Man’s life and New York. He bragged that New York would be free of crime but things got much worse. He thought by his superior intelligence he would be a Superior Spider-Man but soon found that intelligence can’t take the place of ideals of heart and mind. These ideals come from Aunt May, Uncle Ben, Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy and all those who modeled selflessness in Peters life. Otto had Peters memories but not his life experiences. Peter lived it.

So now we see how this changes the world of Spider-Man. Peter is determined to take back his life and take it back he will. How will he deal with the problems that lay before him? He will deal with them head on like he always has. No Peter is not perfect and he is very human but with the proportional strength and abilities of a spider. He is super but human like us that is what appeals to us mistakes and all. Please join us in the life of Spider-Man written by our Marvel writer extraordinaire Dan Slott. Dan once said that writing Spider-Man is a dream come true. And I for one am glad that he got his dream fulfilled. Stay tuned Spider-Man faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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