The Rock Talks Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)
Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

Dwayne Johnson talks why he loves the role of Black Adam in a new Q&A on his YouTube page.

A fan asks The Rock, “So what you made you want/consider the role of Black Adam?”

“Look I love the role of Black Adam,” Johnson responds. “I love that he starts off as a slave. That he felt like he was wronged. I just love that back story, an d I think Black Adam has been, for me, the most intriguing super hero.”

Dwayne Johnson will star as Black Adam in the 2019 Shazam! movie, which is currently in development.

The cool fan art above depicting Henry Cavill’s Superman vs. Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam is by bryanzap on Deviant Art. Both Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson have been teasing a Superman vs Black Adam battle as of late.

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