The Inferior/Superior Spider Man #13

Superior Spider-Man 13
Superior Spider-Man 13

SPOILERS: Starting in November of 2010, Dan Slott became the sole writer of Amazing Spider-Man beginning with the Big Time story arc. He wrote the first major Spider-Man event following Big Time, entitled Spider Island, starting in the summer of 2011. Now Peter Parker is out of the picture and Doctor Octopus, Otto Octavius is in control of Peters body with all the powers that Spider-Man possesses. He is an Avenger and works in a lab for Max Modell is the head of Horizon Labs and has all the resources he needs to make superior crime fighting toys to help him be a Superior Spider-Man. As possibly the most formidable opponent that Peter Parker has ever faced as Spider-Man, Otto is ruthless as Spider-Man and feels no remorse in killing to complete his idea of justice.

Superior Spider-Man 13 last page
Superior Spider-Man 13 last page

In Superior Spider-Man #13 Otto as Spider-Man kills Alistair Smythe the Spider Slayer after he surrendered and gave up, with Mayor J. Jonah Jameson on his side he may never be found out for the murder. He justified it because Alistair was condemned to die and he not Otto was the bad guy here. With every issue of Superior Spider-Man Otto becomes more in control of his role of a so called hero. With his memories of Peter Parker Gone there is nothing left to keep him from using his warped sense of right and wrong to accomplish his goals in being a super-hero. As the latest issue #13 ended Otto is building suits for his minions as he attempts to become the greatest super hero ever. “This is my legacy, a brand new day…no a brand new age. The age of Superior Spider-Man the Greatest Hero of them All.” These are his final words in that issue.

Wow what a story arc and what will become of Peter Parker? Will he ever return? Looking at story lines through October Spider-Man is still Otto Octavius and Spider-Man’s world is still controlled by him. So we get to see through the eyes of Dan Slott a ruthless, arrogant version of Spider-Man. Certainly not Superior but Inferior to Peter Parker the Spider-Man. Like a Batman that finally kills the Joker instead of sending him back to Arkham Asylum just to get out 3 months later and kill another 30 people. People are not OK to Spider-Man becoming the Punisher and executing justice where he see fit. But it is interesting to see the world of Otto as Spider-Man and how unbalanced it really is. Meeting force with force, deeds for deeds with out answering to anyone. And convincing J. Jonah Jameson that Spider-Man is the menace and monster he always thought he was when he blackmailed Jameson in giving Spider-Man Raft Island as his head quarters.

Superior Spider-Man 16
Superior Spider-Man 16

Where is Slott going in this story arc and how long Otto Octavius will be Spider-Man I don’t know, but there is a growing amount of people that feel it would be a travesty if he stayed in Peters body forever. The numbers of sales are very good compared to the rest of the titles so it is full speed ahead right now with this Inferior/Superior Spider-Man. At sometime in the future I see a different direction in this that will change the thinking at Marvel. Maybe there is an event date already planed to bring Peter back, only those at Marvel know. If Slott will quit following the bad words said by bloggers that don’t like the status qua it will stop adding fuel to the firestorm to bring Peter back. Calling some one an idiot on a blog format by a major writer for Marvel just does not look good, This is documented at Newsarama HERE. Dan Slott is a good writer and does not need to justify himself to anyone about the story which was approved by the editors of Marvel. Grant Morrison writer of All Star Superman said he does not read what others write about his work because it would take away from his creativity. Sounds like good advise for Dan Slott.

Really Superior Spider-Man is a good read and the Humberto Ramos art is fantastic. We are seeing things done that we never thought we would see Spider-Man do. Superior Spider-Man #16 Marvel promo reads, “Run, Goblin, Run!” Part 2 of 2 How has the Hobgoblin evaded the Superior Spider-Man for so long? And does that hold the key to the Superior Spider-Man’s greatest success — or greatest failure? It’s the end of the line for Hobgoblin, and possibly an end for a big chapter in the history of Spider-Man.” So I really recommend Spider-Man fans stay on board for now and see what the future holds. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

2 Thoughts to “The Inferior/Superior Spider Man #13”

  1. Walt

    From Dan Slott’s Twitter page-
    Dear retailers,
    Remember when I gave you the heads up on ASM #698…?

    Well, if you’ve read Marvel’s October solicits you’ve seen these SSM solicits:

    LEGO VARIANT by Leonel Castellani
    Necessary Evil CONCLUDES!
    • The moment that changes world of Spider-Man– and the Marvel Universe for years to come.
    • Which Spider-Man is responsible for such a thing? Spider-Man 2099 or the Superior Spider-Man?
    • Major developments for both Spider-Man’s cast… and for the future.
    32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

    VARIANT COVER BY Milo Manara
    • From the fallout of NECESSARY EVIL, comes new beginnings and new twists that will be felt in the pages of Spider-Man for years to come! SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #20 is where it all starts! Do NOT miss this one!
    • It’s the first ever adventure for the Superior Spider-Man and the Black Cat. Felicia Hardy always cared for the Spider more than the man. But what happens when that man is Otto Octavius?
    • Plus: A day Otto has been waiting for is finally here. Is the world ready for “Dr. Peter Parker”… and what he plans to do next?
    32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

    I’m just here to tell you that NONE of that is empty hyperbole.

    SSM #19 will have lasting effects on both Spider-Man’s world and the Marvel U.
    And there will be MAJOR developments for Spider-Man’s cast.

    SSM #20 And on TOP of dealing with the fallout from SSM #19… SSM #20, in its own right, will feature the starting points of not one but MANY IMPORTANT developments for the world of Spider-Man that will be felt for years to come.


    In 2014 and 2015 fans will be asking, “When did that start?” and “What issue did that first show up in?” And the answer will probably be: SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #20.

    Just letting you know.

  2. Kenny

    Comics Talk Blog » The Inferior/Superior Spider Man #13 is a good post but I think Peter Parker should be Spider-Man and I don’t know how much longer I can stand Doc Ock as Spidy. Waiting patiently for the right thing to happen.

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