The Eric Powell Goon Movie Update

The Goon
The Goon

In June, 2008 it was announced on the Goon official site that a CG animated film of The Goon was to be produced by the award-winning Blur Studio and David Fincher and written by Eric Powell. Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown will be the voices for the upcoming animated movie. Clancy Brown will voice The Goon and Paul Giamatti will be Franky. A release date has not yet been specified, nor has a plot. The film’s future is uncertain as it has had trouble procuring funds. The film’s poster states that it will be released theatrically. The first trailer from the film was released on 20 July 2010. In January 2012, Powell updated the film status, saying, “The Goon is in the exact same position it’s been in for the past couple of years. Prepping the design and script while searching for funding.”

On October 12, 2012, Blur Studio and Fincher launched a 30-day Kickstarter, an on-line fundraising campaign, titled “The Goon” Movie… let’s KICKSTART this sucker!!!,” to raise $400,000 to finance a story reel for the entire film. The Kickstarter page also explained why they need the money: “The Goon Film has NEVER been in production. All the work you’ve seen (animation footage, trailers, artwork, etc.) has been produced independently and out-of-pocket by the creative team of David Fincher, Eric Powell, Blur Studio and Dark Horse Entertainment. We created “proof of concept” footage to show Hollywood the incredible potential of a Goon movie. It was very well received BUT because this movie isn’t a sequel or filled with dancing animals we’ll need more to bust open the gates and UNLEASH Goon and Franky on Hollywood.” Two days before the deadline, the landmark was achieved, and the campaign closed on November 11, 2012, raising $441,900 from 7,576 backers.

Release Date
TBA 2013
Dark Horse Entertainment

Jeff Fowler, Tim Miller

David Fincher

Eric Powell


Clancy Brown
Paul Giamatti

Follows the adventures of a muscle-bound brawler who claims to be the primary enforcer for a feared mobster. The stories have a paranormal and comedic edge to them and concern ghosts, zombies, mad scientists and “skunk apes.”

7 Thoughts to “The Eric Powell Goon Movie Update”

  1. Found this original story from couple years ago, progress moving very slow

  2. Chummy

    This movie does not have to make sense it just has to happen.

  3. Frank Factor

    We have waited a long time for this animated feature, I hope it happens.

  4. AK47

    I haven’t heard of any updates since the beginning of the year. Way to keep us out of the loop.

  5. Come on,I gave money and backed you guys,give us some updates about what’s going on, are we going to see this movie with in the next year or two?

    1. Walt

      The Kick starter page is here there is a contact link there for those of you that want more information

  6. Walt

    Here is the latest as of May 2014 From Eric’s Blogspot hope that helps

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