Supergirl In Man Of Steel Movie? Comic Book

I just read the digital comic that comes when you pre order the Man of Steel Movie on DVD or Blu Ray. Promoted on the page for the Walmart Superman Man Of Steel early showing of the movie by Warner Brothers and Walmart came out on the 18th of may. It was called the Man of Steel Prequel so it is in the same story arc as the movie. It is a Story about Kara Zor-El better know as Supergirl in DC Comics. It definitely shows that the writers and producers have a lot in store for the Superman Legend if the Man Of Steel movie generates more popularity. If she does not make an actual appearance in the movie they are set up for a sequel with her in the story or perhaps her own movie. Read it Here. This is the way DC Promoted it on their web site.

Man Of Steel Prequel
Man Of Steel Prequel

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Click the cover image above to read the comic. The Comic tells the story of Kara sent outer space to help her people and how she was betrayed by a criminal from Krypton. I will try to make this free comic available to my readers shortly. Here is the comic for reading.  Stay tuned comic faithful For more. 🙂 Walt

2 Thoughts to “Supergirl In Man Of Steel Movie? Comic Book”

  1. hellsteeth

    I would love to read this comic on your site can you make it available?

  2. David G.

    Did not see any Supergirl in the movie just an empty pod on ship. Wonder how they will introduce her in the future in her own movie or in another Superman movie.

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