Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Review

Star Trek Into Darkness
Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness Brings entertainment to the light.

Beware Spoilers Ahead.

Star Trek Into Darkness was a very entertaining movie and thank goodness the trailers we have been watching for months now did not tell the whole story. The story begins with Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) being demoted for it would seem saving Spock’s (Zachary Quinto) life and revealing the existence of the Enterprise to a primitive people on a distant planet. All this to save the existence of the primitive race and Spock who was trapped in a volcano using a device to stop the eruption of the volcano. The Prime Directive; “not to interferer with alien life” was Kirk’s crime. After that an apparent terrorist act in London brought all the major Starfleet officers in one room, which included Kirk who had been demoted to First Officer under Captain Pike (Bruce Greenwood), the officers were attached by former Starfleet agent John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) in a lone ship. This attack killed Captain Pike along with many in the room. Kirk re-assumed as the captain of the Enterprise set out to kill the criminal under Admiral Marcus’ (Peter Weller) orders.

Through a dialog with Spock and questioning of the morality of that order to simply kill him, Kirk decided to capture him if possible instead. The Enterprise go after Harrison who was transported to the Planet Kronos. Arriving at Kronos, an away team comprised of Kirk, Spock, and Uhura land to find Harrison, but are surrounded by Klingons. Harrison wipes out the Klingons and confronts the away team, but surrenders after learning the precise number of photon torpedoes aimed at him. Returning to the Enterprise, Harrison reveals his true identity as Khan, a genetically engineered superhuman who was awakened from his over 200-year cryosleep by Admiral Marcus to develop advanced weapons for war against the Klingon Empire. The torpedoes are found to contain cryogenic pods with his colleagues inside, held hostage by Marcus.

Wrath of Khan
Wrath of Khan

Things start to get very interesting here with the double cross of Admiral Marcus using a ship designed by Khan to attempt to blow them up. Kirk makes a pact with Khan to stop the immediate threat of Admiral Marcus. They board the ship with Scotty’s (Simon Pegg) help who had sneaked on board the Admiral’s ship. Once they have control of the bridge of the Admiral’s ship Khan quickly turns on Kirk and kills Admiral Marcus and sends Kirk and friends back to the Enterprise to barter for the Torpedoes which Khan thinks have his people in cryosleep. Spock allows Khan to transport the Torpedoes to his ship only to find that they are really bombs who go off after transportation to the ship that Khan now commands.

There is much more action and suspense but I wanted to bring your attention to the parallels with this movie and the Wrath of Khan 1982 movie with the original cast. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) in the earlier movie said “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few (one)” when he was in the radiation dieing and Spock in Into Darkness said the same thing when he was in the volcano thinking he would die there. Also Kirk apparently dies doing the same thing that Spock did in the radiation to save the Enterprise and it’s crew. Plus the love interest Dr.Carol Marcus is reintroduced in the current movie and in the movie from 1982 they had a child together who died in that older movie. And the Enterprise begins its 5 year mission to explore new worlds. The die has been cast and the future is the Star Trek movie creators to re write using the colorful past as a guide to follow.

As Ricardo Montalbán did in 1967 and 1982 Benedict Cumberbatch plays a the great Khan Noonien Singh as it should be played. As a leader of super men determined to survive and to rule. The movie acting was great and the chemistry of the characters is well on it’s way to equaling the original cast. J. J. Abrams and company have a winner on their hands and if they continue in this way they will for many years. It will be fun to watch them grow old together on the screen re directing the Star Trek Saga for a new generation. This movie has thumbs up from me and hope you enjoy it if you have not seen it yet. What are you waiting for? Stay tuned comic and movie faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

2 Thoughts to “Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Review”

  1. hellsteeth

    So is there anything you did not like about the movie. I thought it was over the top also great movie.

  2. ralph lauren

    This movie was well done but what happen to the Latin Khan like Ricardo Montalbán?

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