The Disney Empire Strikes Back…

Disney Buys Lucasfilm LTD

And Travis likes it!?!

The seemingly shocking to the world news yesterday was not some horrible destructive hurricane that hit the east coast.  No, it was that Disney purchased Lucasfilm LTD. for 4.05 billion.  You can read the full Disney Press Release here.

Why do I like this deal?  Simply because Disney has been making excellent decisions with the properties they have acquired recently. Walt Disney Studios Chairman and CEO Robert A. Iger appears to be a CEO who understands he needs to know what is going on, but does not need to control it as long as he has the right people in place.  Disney is a place for artists and new talent.  I would not be surprised if they find new ways to capitalize on 2D animation that John Lassiter brought back in house.

What about this acquisition do I like this the most of all?  Finally, George Lucas, the man who brought us Jar Jar Binks, is retiring.  Which means or probably means the strangle hold of Star Wars story is over and we can get some improved stories lines in the universe.   I am hopeful of the new Star Wars movie in 2015 with a story following Return of the Jedi story line.


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