The Dark Knight Rise Review

Dark Knight Rises to meet this reviewer head on.

Traditionally trilogies fail to deliver.   One of the movies always seems to fail to grab the audience.  Movies, specifically in this genre of superhero films, starting with Superman 3, where a subpar screenplay and popular actors did not give the studio a blockbuster, and finishing with more recently with Spiderman 3, where the studio, not understanding the market, decided the popularity of the character Venom would sell more seats than the Vulture, one of Spiderman’s oldest foes.  Clearly, this is not the case here in fact, in this reviews opinion the Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan (Producer and Writer of Man of Steel, the new Superman restart) and David S. Goyer (the writer of Man of Steel, the new Superman restart) is one of the best trilogies ever written. 

This trilogy has everything a good story should have a, great beginning with characters you identify with; a central underlying story about the city of Gotham and its decadence; and a final building conflict that drives a call to action.  Dark Knight Rises changes Batman from vigilante to legend and builds the mythos to keep back the rising tide of evil corruption, which seems to want to overthrow the city.  

I loved the choice of villains in this movie they surprised me; I specifically loved the character of Bane.  He has had so many different incarnations this was the best so far.  I hope that I am not giving too much away for those who have not seen the film, he plays an unexpected role in the story that brings about the unexpected twist that culminates in to the climax of the conflict.  I had the great fortune to see this movie at Cinetopia in the new GXL Auditorium sporting a new Meyer Sound EXP sound and I never want to see a film any other way again.   I Have a 3 scale method for rating films, Theater, rental, and do not bother.  This film is a Theater go spend you dough on it, it is worth it.

Now, my heart and prayers go out to all the families that were affected by the tragedy that happened in Aurora, CO.  Your loved ones are missed and we grieve with you.  I read a very good Article in the Ahwatukee Foothills news that put good tasteful perspective on the tragedy.  I have linked it here.


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  1. Greg

    As much as I liked the Nolan version of Batman I am glad that they may reboot Batman for the Justice League I like the comic version of him and bring back the Joker.

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