Super Team Family The Lost Issues: Team Up

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Super-Team Family is a comic book anthology series published by DC Comics from 1975 to 1978 that lasted for fifteen issues. The series published a mix of original and reprinted stories. This omnibus series had a higher page count than standard titles. It reprinted stories of superhero teams and superhero team-ups from Golden Age and Silver Age DC Comics titles.

Recently I came across a special Blog that features Super Team Family The Lost Issues. It was created to make special covers about team ups that should have happened by Ross Pearsall. The first page has this introduction: Welcome to Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues! The greatest team-ups that never happened… but should have! A new cover is posted every single day!

The site is a lot of fun and something I wanted to share with the readers at Comics Talk. Check it out and test your Comic Book Hero knowledge while seeing some of the superhero team ups that never happened. Below is some of the wonderful Photoshop covers from Brave and Bold Lost Blogspot. Let your mind imagine what team up would you like to see.


Ross Pearsall Website


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