Kevin Feige Comments On Wonder Woman & DC vs. Marvel

Chris Pine recently started the DC vs. Marvel argument anew with his comments on Avengers: Infinity War.
However, Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige doesn’t think the two studios are at war and is actually a fan of the DC films.

Feige tells Allocine:
I but a ticket, and I watch the movie.

“There is not really a rivalry. The rivalry is much more among the press, I think. Geoff Johns is a very good friend of mine. We grew up together in the business and recently celebrated Richard Donner, who we both used to work for, and so I applaud all the success [Geoff Johns] has.” 

“I really just look it as a fan, and when the movies perform well and are well received, it’s good for us, which is why I am always rooting for them.”

Kevin Feige is also extremely happy DC’s Wonder Woman movie is a success, as Marvel has two female oriented movies in the works with Ant-Man and the Wasp, in which Feige says the Wasp gets “elevated” in the film, as well as the Brie Larson Captain Marvel movie. 

“The success of Wonder Woman is wonderful, and makes us incredibly happy. Finally, so we can put to rest the falsehood that audiences don’t want to see female characters. We’ve never believed that was true. There were a run of movies that just weren’t very good ten fifteen years ago, which caused that reputation, and I”m glad Wonder Woman has blown that away.”

Kevin Feige and Geoff Johns
Kevin Feige and Geoff Johns

Regarding why it took so long for Marvel Studios to put out a female movie of their own, and why there never was a Black Widow film, leaked e-mails revealed Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter was against them. Now that Feige had Perlmutter removed from being involved with the MCU, Marvel is going forward with female movies of their own. Matt McGloin

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