Stan Lee at Rose City Comic Con!

Portland’s premier Pop-Culture event. Rose City Comic Con is produced locally with a focus on creating a fun and friendly event for everyone! 09.27.2016

Stan Lee
Stan Lee

While their primary focus is that of Comics, comic creators, and the creative process, Rose City Comic Con also provides it’s attendees with access to Gaming, Sci-Fi, Cosplay, Anime, Fantasy, and everything in between. Their stated goal is to provide you with a rewarding, fun, and family friendly experience at our event.

That is what we saw we we attended the Comic Con. It was an enjoyable experience, The staff was very helpful and there was plenty to see for all interest. The day I was there on Sunday Stan Lee Marvel great was featured in the largest room available. His Q and A session is always interesting so we want to share the experience with our readers. This is unique because it is his last appearance in the North West Comic Cons. So enjoy the conversation and the wit of Stan Lee as he is winding down his Con appearances.

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