Snyder-Cut Spoilers in Justice League #59

Zack Snyder Justice League movie is scheduled for release on HBO-Max on March 18th. There is a controversy on if the covers on the variant covers spoil the content of the movie. Well, the cats out of the bag, and many people have already seen the covers.

At least one of the specially commissioned Snyder Cut covers, from Liam Sharp, Jim Lee, and Lee Bermejo may potentially feature a superheroic character who was cut from the original Joss Whedon Cut and is believed to have been put back in the movie. Anyway, after all the comic store orders were counted, it seems that DC Comics has a few leftovers. And has decided to send them out.

DC Comics, via Lunar Distribution, has told comic book stores that “we have added an additional five copies of each of the three Zack Snyder Justice League Variants open to order variants for each store at no additional charge.” We recommend you check with your local comic shop to reserve your copy which will be in stores on March 16, 2 days before the 4-hour movie extravaganza hits HBO-Max.

The comic book Justice League #59 from DC Comics sees writer Brian Bendis and artist David Marquez take over the comic book title, on the 16th of March 2021. Check out the Snyder Cut spoiler covers below… at your own risk:



Zack Snyder Cut Cover by Jim Lee with the Martian Manhunter popping up

(W) Brian Michael Bendis, Ram V (A) David Marquez, Xermanico (CA) Jim Lee
Writer Brian Michael Bendis reunites with artist David Marquez (Miles Morales, Iron Man, Batman/Superman) for a new, star-studded Justice League featuring Superman, Batman, the Flash, Hawkgirl, Aquaman, Hippolyta, new DC powerhouse Naomi, and…is that Black Adam?! Superman is leading the charge to reinvent the Justice League—and at the same time, a new, cosmic-powered threat arrives from Naomi’s homeworld to rule the Earth! And in the backup story, dark days lie ahead for the new Justice League Dark. Zatanna and John Constantine take a road trip, only to discover horror around the bend as a friend—and sometime foe—is reborn in fire! A legend is destroyed, and another takes a terrible turn, as Merlin reveals the beginning of a new, blood-drenched plot for all humankind. So begins writer Ram V’s new journey into the abyss with the Justice League Dark and artist Xermanico!
Retail: $5.99 FOC Date: 02/21/2021 In-Store Date: 03/16/2021

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