Roger Stern and Time-Traveling CAPTAIN AMERICA CORPS

Captain America Corps #1 pg3

Newsarama news. Next week we will see a new comic title Captain America Corps #1 (of 5). This series will take us through time and a look at the Captain America Legend throughput the ages as they meet together to stop a major crisis.  Captain America Corps #1 is the first of a five-issue limited series, it promises to showcase not only Cap himself, but also an entourage of affiliated heroes. Led, of course, by Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, the team consists of U.S. Agent, American Dream and Commander A. Brought together by the Watcher to save a dystopic version of America, they must first work together if they are to succeed. Written by the legendary Roger Stern with art by Philippe Briones, Captain America Corps #1 will be on sale in June 15.

Captain America Corps #1 pg4

Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, U.S.Agent, American Dream, and Commander A must band together to cut the American public loose from the malicious control of Americommand. But can the Sentinel of Liberty’s, led by Steve and Bucky, work with one another before it’s too late? For the past year, Marvel Comics has been amping up its production of Captain America titles, given the feature film starring the character out on July 22. In the five-issue Captain America Corps miniseries starting next week, they’re also increasing the number of Captain Americas all from different points in the Marvel timeline — teaming up together to deal with the mysterious threat. What brings these Cap and Cap-esque characters together? What’s”Americommand? Who is this Commander A guy?

Roger Stern:

For me, it all began — as so many things have lately — with a call from Tom Brennan. Tom had been my editor on the Young Allies special and the Forever Allies miniseries, Well, I couldn’t resist a challenge like that. So, while I started making a list of Captain Americas and Cap-inspired heroes who would be interesting to assemble, I set another part of my brain to considering who or what could be responsible for bringing them together — and why. Anyway, by the time I’d figured out my cast, I also knew who was behind everything. And why. I don’t want to give too much away, but it involves persons unknown monkeying with the fabric of time in a way which specifically involves Steve Rogers, and results in profoundly altering reality.

Marvel is still putting great stuff together. This one for all the Captain America fans and those who are really fond of the old guy. Pick your copy up next week. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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