Amazing Spider-Man #2
Written by Nick Spencer
Art by Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn and Laura Martin
Lettering by Joe Caramagna
Published by Marvel Comics

I must say, after the controversies of Secret Empire, I was reluctant to read about the web-slinger through the eyes of Nick Spencer but even so I had to because of a friend who said it was worth reading. I read #1 and #2 in one sitting and thought the revelations in #1 made it essential to read #2. There is a theme in his story which makes me think he is bringing back some Peter Parker and Spider-Man normalcy which is how different it is to be Spider-Man. To live your life on top one day and on the bottom the next but through it all, he is optimistic as Parker and still says wisecracks as Spider-Man.

Perhaps most refreshing of all is that in spite of the troubles in #1, Parker feels like things are actually turning around, with Spencer bringing back Mary Jane Watson as Peter’s love interest. This is definitely a fan pleaser in light of the angry twitter comments about the Hydra connection in the Secret Empire involving Captain America. Parkers life is like no other Superhero I know as he is brought back to school to be in the class of Dr. Curt Connors who is still in Lizard form. He changes back to human and then asked Parker to join him in studying science for the good of mankind. An inhibitor has been placed in the back of the doctor’s neck to help control the rage of the Lizard.

As Parkers Spider-luck would have it Mountain Man Marko and the Ringer break into the class over some first edition books and end up battling Spider-Man. At the end of the fight, Spider-Man meets Peter Parker. Not sure how Spencer will explain that in the next issue. In all a very good story reminding us why we like our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man with jokes and Mary Jane on his side. It was great to read her say “Morning Tiger.”

Also, the art of Ryan Ottley already feels right for Spider-Man and aids in telling a Spencer story. I am already in love with his rendition of Mary Jane and Peter Parker. The heightened emotions and expressiveness comes across in his art of all the characters. Ottley’s artwork of Spidey in costume is classic but different from Mark Bagley or Humberto Ramos.

Not much to quibble about in Amazing Spider-Man #2 – although Spencer introduces so much in the story, like Curt Connors teaching again, and the surprise appearance of Taskmaster and Black Ant. It’s a good read. The teamwork of Spencer and Ottley doing a good job, I think they are doing Dan Slott proud after his epic run on the book. With two issues in I think, Amazing Spider-Man is a book in good hands. 🙂 Walt

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