POP! Goes the ICON “San Hannibal” Comes to a conclusion…

but did you even know it began?  “San Hannibal” by Dan Schkade and Jesse Snavlin is a noir treat in monochromatic colored splendor.  It follows a private detective Avery in his search for missing photojournalist Savannah Loy and all the mayhem lying in the wake of his search.  The story is set in a semi futuristic city called San Hannibal kinda has an LA vibe to it and it is wrought with political intrigue and vigilantism.  Other than the story the book is filled with the most powerful coloration which adds real visceral quality to the story that black and white comic would not achieve.   I high recomend this book.

It is for mature readers: Violence, Some sexual situations, and language

To get more info and order books: http://www.popgoestheicon.com/


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