NYCC “Superman” Interview with Peter Tomasi

“Superman” co-writer Peter Tomasi sits down for an exclusive interview with the Superman Homepage to talk to us about the current comic books, the success of the “Rebirth” era, and bringing fans back to the Man of Steel.

Thanks to T.A. Ewart for conducting the interview.

One Thought to “NYCC “Superman” Interview with Peter Tomasi”

  1. Good job T.A. I notice that wasn’t a denial on your last question there. Though at this point I’d settle for just the red boots making it back.)

    I like the family dynamic a lot but I do wish there was at least one title that was working with the classic Superman set-up. I’ve always felt that if you can afford to publish multiple titles featuring the same character then does it necessarily have to be an either/or situation? At least one can be the classic mold while another is following the character in middle age and so on. For instance I would have had a Spider-Man title in the classic set up but then had Spider-Girl be the title where you can check out Peter Parker later in life.

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