Mark Ruffalo will be Bruce Banner/The Hulk in Avengers Movie

Mark Ruffalo

Versatile actor Mark Ruffalo is set to play the role of Bruce “the Hulk” Banner in the upcoming movie “The Avengers”. At the Comic-Con in San Diego on Saturday, Samuel L. Jackson announced the upcoming movie before a crowd of about 6,000 who were present at the conference. The Avengers movie is set for release in 2012 after two other Marvel superhero movies in 2011. The Avengers movie brings together superheroes of Marvel Comics including Ironman, Captain America, Thor and Hawkeye. Other superheroes included are yet to be confirmed. Robert Downey Jr. reprises his Tony Stark/ Ironman role while Jeremy Renner will portray Clint Barton/Hawkeye. Chris Evans, who is set to appear in the new Captain America movie in 2011 is also set to join the Avengers. Chris Hemsworth plays another Marvel superhero, Thor, which has a separate movie showing in 2011.

The Hulk

In addition to Mark Ruffalo eyes turning green in the new Avengers movie, also in the works Hellboy veteran Guillermo Del Toro and Battlestar Galactica’s David Eick are “finalizing a deal” to bring the Hulk back to television. Yes I said television. Will be produced by Marvel TV and ABC Studios and Del Toro and Eick will be breaking the pilot story together, sharing story and creator credits. Eick will write the script, and it is hoped that Del Toro will direct, depending on his availability. Del Toro will also be involved with character design. Sadly, the article in also states that due to all of the prep work needed, The Hulk will not be ready for Fall 2011, and instead it might follow 2012′s Avengers movie instead.

Also executive producing the series will be Gary Ungar of Exile, Marvel TV topper Jeph Loeb and Marvel Entertainment’s chief creative officer Joe Quesada. “I have always been attracted at the combination of comic book heroics and monsters, Jack Kirby’s Demon or Kamandi or DC’s Deadman or Marvel’s Dr. Strange, Morbius, Metamorpho, Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, etc,” Del Toro has said. Del Toro added that, with partner Eick “we coalesced a respectful but powerful way of retelling the Banner/Hulk story in a fresh way.”

David Eick describes the Hulk as “one of the crown jewels of the Marvel world for generations” and said it was a “dream opportunity to join one of my all-time filmmaking heroes, Guillermo del Toro, in a faithful but unique retelling of the primal, emotionally-rich tale of one of my all-time comic books.”

Looks like Super Heroes are here to stay on the Cinema and TV should be a great ride for the comic book fan in the next few years who knows what is to come. In the mean time I will see you at the movies. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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