Legion of 3 Worlds

Legion of Three Worlds
Legion of Three Worlds

Finally we are getting the Final – Final Crisis story months after the main story has ended, coming July 22 at your nearest comic store. This story is interesting because it is about Superboy-Prime and his campaign against the future Legion of Super-Heroes plus the development of the identity of the Time-Trapper and his hatred of the Legion and everything Superman. I am frustrated by how long it has taken DC to release the comic. But I think it was held to put make more interest in the new release of an old title Adventure Comics. My thinking is that Adventure Comics will feature stories about the Legion and Superboy just like the original title back in the fifties and sixties and seventies for a new generation of readers. I must say that I did enjoy the stories during that time period as corny as they were.

But the true story behind this comic is Superboy-Prime. One moment he is made to be a spoiled brat with the powers of a god and the next in issue 4 he is supposed to be the Time Trapper also with the powers of God to control time itself. What is going on here nothing is logical here nothing to set a story in that direction. Superman wanted to redeem the Superboy but how do you redeem Time Trapper. Superboy-Prime has murdered in cold blood and his crimes are many as are Time Trapper who has killed in the past.

Writer Geoff Johns has said that Legion of Three Worlds is the Superboy-Prime story. What will be his fate along with Time Trapper who knows? We do know the good guys prevail because Superman after talking to Brainiac 5 returns to the future with the key to fixing the Final Crisis in Issue 7 present time. As frustrated as I am with DC for holding out I have my copy reserved for July 22 to see what happens. It will be amazing if Geoff Johns can pull this one-off.  A long wait but I hope worth it. Stay tuned comic faithful for MORE 🙂 Walt


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