Blackest Night

Blackest Night is a company-wide, multiple title story arc published by DC Comics. Written by Geoff Johns and penciled by Ivan Reis, Blackest Night is the story about how a counterpart to the Green Lantern’s Central Power Battery is found and accidentally activated. Dead superheroes, killed in recent years are brought back to life via the use of black power rings issued by the Green Lantern villain, Black Hand at the behest of a dark power located with a region of deep space called Sector 666. This series of stories is the third in a trilogy that began with Green Lantern: Rebirth and was followed up with the “Sinestro Corps War”.

Blackest Night
Blackest Night

The light of the emotional spectrum will rise!…
…The red throes of rage, the orange light of avarice,…
…the yellow fire of fear, the blue rays of hope,…
…the indigo glow of compassion and the violet aura of love.
And in the center of it all, the green might of will power.
And as the light rises, so shall an unknown darkness!
A darkness with no satiation.
A darkness with no life!”

A “War of Light” is prophesied to destroy the universe. The unknown darkness is the Black Power Battery and the Dead shall Rise and cleanse the universe of Life itself and as Scar, one of the Guardians of the Universe, says to bring order to the universe. Black Power rings are delivered to the dead and they rise to accomplish this feat. It features the return of Superman of Earth II, Martian Manhunter (who died in Final Crisis), Aquaman and others who died previously. They become Black Lanterns and are here to do the work of death to the living. This means the end of all life and the coming of death of the universe but in the way is the living who are not wanting to give in the their request to join them in death. An interesting story and the makings of a masterpiece.

Geoff Johns has been planning this event since the Green Lantern: Rebirth story and it will dominate the direction of the DC Universe for now and months to come. A must read for DC fans it effects all the superheroes and villains. Death plays no favorites and somehow the “War of Light” must turn from its end to stop the armies of Death. How will it end? You must read to find out, or wait to read the trade paperback which is way down the road. See you at the comic shop.  Stay tuned comic faithful for More 🙂 Walt.

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