Kevin Feige Talks DC Vs Marvel

For anyone growing up a fan of Batman or Superman, or Spider-Man or the Hulk, hot topics of converasation have always been who would win between DC and Marvel?

While we all know DC would crush their direct competition (I kid!), you have to admit the competition is good as it keeps the opposing sides at the top of their games, which means we all benefit.

Speaking of competition, with DC recently relaunching their movie universe with Man of Steel, Batman Vs. Superman, Suicide Squad and the upcoming Wonder Woman and Justice League movies, DC vs Marvel is back on in full force.

Kevin Feigh
Kevin Feigh

Variety caught up with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and asked about the DC and Marvel rivarly.
“What other people are adapting from the comics medium, I watch with as much interest as I do any other movies. Because I’m a fan, and I want to see what other people are doing in the world,” Feige said.

Marvel Studios has been taking a bit of heat as of late regarding the direction of their movies as they all pretty much seem the same (Justice League director Zack Snyder calls them “popcorn” movies): lackluster villains and no ramifications.
Kevin Feige offers a response that seemingly directly references those concerns. 

“I’ve always believed in expanding the definition of what a Marvel Studios movie could be,” said Feige. “We try to keep audiences coming back in greater numbers by doing the unexpected and not simply following a pattern or a mold or a formula.”

Regarding the unexpected, it’s heavily speculated an Avengers or two might die in Avengers: Infinity War at the hands of the Mad Titan Thanos; however, it’s not a sure bet because, as we saw with Captain America: Civil War, no Avenger was killed off. That said, does someone need to die in order for there to be a “ramification?” I guess it depends on the story. What is known is that we can all place our bets that Thanos won’t be another vanilla suit-and-tie Marvel bad guy.

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