Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Batman May Be in the Works

Recently Jeffrey Dean Morgan ( who is known for his roles in ‘Watchmen’ and Negan in ‘The Walking Dead’ ) was asked during a Q & A at Denver’s Comic Con, if he would ever like to play the Flashpoint version of Batman. Since many fans noticed his short role in Batman V. Superman as Bruce Wayne’s father, many have questioned whether we would see the acclaimed actor in the DCEU again. See why Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Batman may be in the works.

Thomas Wayne
Thomas Wayne

We May See a Thomas Wayne Batman in the DCEU

As many of you may know, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was asked if he would ever like to play Batman at Denver’s Comic Con. His response via Screen Rant was,
“Man, I would love to play that Batman… It would be very cool. Flashpoint would be very cool.”

As many of you also know, with comic book stories and movies there is often an emphasis on alternate realities and/or timelines. Specifically in a comic arc known as the Flashpoint ( involving The Flash ), an alternate universe is pushed into existence and Thomas Wayne ( Bruce Wayne’s father ) becomes the Batman instead.

While this may seem like quite an alternate reality to those un familiar with the Flashpoint story, not only is Thomas Wayne the new Batman, but Martha Wayne ( the beloved name Batfleck falls down over ) becomes the Joker.

Wayne Family
Wayne Family

In this alternate reality, this is all due to fan favorite “Bruce Wayne” being the one killed that night instead of his parents.

While I believe Batfleck was a good Batman that I cant wait to see more of, I believe Jeffrey Dean Morgan definitely has a future in the DCEU that is more than the 30 second featured extra role he received in Batman V. Superman.

First, Thomas Wayne is a much darker and more violent Batman than the one that fans are accustomed to. The Thomas Wayne version of Batman awakens the Flash to the new reality he’s in by throwing a criminal off a building. This Thomas Wayne Batman happily kills and isnt going to be changing his heart anytime soon like the Batman we saw in Batman V. Superman did.

While this Batman is supposed to be a much darker and full blown anti-hero version of the dark knight, this character would definitely fit Jeffrey Dean Morgan perfectly, as darker, much grittier hero roles are no new place for him. Jeffrey Dean Morgan made viewers heads spin in his performance as The Comedian in ‘Watchmen’, while making fans sick to their stomach as he played the sinister Negan on The Walking Dead.

So playing a much darker anti-hero Batman would probably not be too challenging for him, and I could totally see it. Zack Snyder as many know also directed ‘Watchmen’ which to many is one of his better movies. Since this is the case, could it really be a total coincidence that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was cast as Batfleck’s dad in Batman V. Superman?

Thomas Wayne Batman
Thomas Wayne Batman

How often is it that two big actors such as Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan are cast to play a 30 second featured extra role ?

That being said, I think that it was Zack Snyder’s intention to cast Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan as the Wayne parents because a Flashpoint movie ( starring Ezra Miller’s Flash ) may already be in the works for a future consideration. From

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